Writing just got fun!

Start Writing Your Novel

The easiest way to plan and write your novel

Struggling to face that big blank screen? Do you start writing furiously then hit a brick wall? Cards keeps you on track!

Work through your story by starting simple, then break it down into more detail. Don't worry Cards keeps track of the process allowing you to focus on one card at a time.

  • Based on the popular 'Snowflake' method
  • Incredibly simple interface
  • Works on any device
  • Handy 'read back' function
  • Themes to suit you
  • more features on the way ...


Read Back

You can now have the computer read back what you've just written, this is one of our experiments, if you like it - let us know on our facebook page!

Let us know


We have added some themes so you can choose a style to fit your mood if we've missed anything or you have got one you'd like us to add

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Flexible Forking

Well that almost sounds rude, basically we've changed things up so you can fork any card, at any time .....
Stop sniggering!

Tell us if that sounds rude

See our experiments we're always trying new stuff.

We constantly strive to add features and new tools to the system. There are a few 'experimental' tools we are working on that you can test drive, we're looking for feedback so dont forget to leave your thoughts on Facebook where we can respond!

Cards Writing app screenshot