The easiest way to plan and write your novel.
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Struggling to face that big blank screen? Do you start writing furiously then hit a brick wall? Try using this simple process to make writing fun.

If you can write a sentence, you can write a novel. Find out how it works!

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How it works

A very simple idea

Start by writing a one sentence summary of your novel, Not a sales pitch, but the essence of what happens in it

An orphan boy discovers he is a wizard, goes to wizard school and and has to face his parent's killer

Round 1

Split that card into three parts, beginning, middle and end, You don't need a lot of detail, just try to summarise the way that part of the book will go. Once done you THROW AWAY the original card and stack these three in its place.

Harry is an orphan who lives with his horrible relatives, until the day he discovers he is a wizard and goes to wizard school.

At the school Harry makes new friends and encounters a mystery that he tries to solve, but this gets him in trouble

Harry and his friends rush to stop the villain from getting his prize. Harry wins, for now, but must return to his horrible relatives

Round 2

Now you take the next three cards and do the same - you will have 9 cards at the end of this round, and more importantly you will have nine cards that cover your complete story.


Harry is an orphan who lives with his horrible relatives, until the day he discovers he is a wizard and goes to wizard school.

Once you've written your replacement cards don't forget to throw the old one away, no use to you now.


Harry lives with his horrible aunt and uncle who treat him badly, he is unhappy and does not have much hope for a happy life

On his 13th birthday a letter arrives for him, his uncle tries to hide it from him but more and more arrive until Hagrid turns up and tells Harry about his parents being wizards

Hagrid tells harry about the magical world and helps him get ready to start at wizard school, Harry heads off on his new adventure.

Just so you know those three cards cover 22,329 words of Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone - so about 7,443 words per card.

Do this for the other 2 cards you have and you have split your novel into 9 parts.

Now some Maths! - no... wait

Every time you split a card into three you are adding detail to your structure, so assuming a novel length of about 75,000 words

Round 3 - gives you 27 cards (average 2,500 words per card)
Round 4 - gives you 81 cards (average 840 words per card)
Round 5 - gives you 243 cards (average 280 words per card)
Round 6 - gives you 729 cards (average 100 word per card)

You can do that can't you - easy!

The problem I had with this was organising the cards, which is why I built the Cards Web Tool. Have a look at some screenshots below .....


Works on Desktop and Mobile

Anywhere with an internet connection

Tips & Tricks

Start simple and add detail as you go through the rounds
You can stop anytime after round 3 and start writing your novel
You can log in and do a couple of cards almost anytime, it takes minutes to do a card!
You can't go back and edit - the point is to push onward, fix in the next round if you hit a problem
The aim is not to produce a fully finished novel, just your first draft - once you're through download it into your favourite word processor