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Solar Chargers for Phones, iPhones and PDA's ......

When you really have to have a power for your phone, particularly when you're on the move these little wonders work a treat. If you're at all like me you probably charge your phone up overnight, now it may not cost much once, but to lower your drain on the poser you could use one of these, charging it by solar power during the day, and give your phone the charge overnight.

Solar Panel Kits, semi-portable solar panel solutions

Solar Mate Kits are very easy to use, even I managed to get one of these set up on our garden shed, I usually have trouble wiring a plug (that red wire isn't important is it?). I also lugged a Solar Mate I on a camping trip to France, we lit our tent at night with the setup rather effectively, although I had the advantage of taking a battery with us anyway so the panel wasn't much extra weight. However on a camping trip I have been known to take a couple if these with me as well .....

Solar Garden Lights


The torino and venetian ones are ideal little items for a family camping trip, A couple of these are lights don't take a lot of room, and once set up provide enough light to stop you falling over the dog who always decides to sleep right in the doorway. In the garden however I would go for the murano as it simply looks fantastic, although don't put two close together as when they both glow red at the same time you could end up thinking that there's a hellhound in the garden ....... no. ...... just me then!