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Solar Mate I - Small Solar Panel kit

I have a Solar Mate 1 (or Solar Mate I, not sure whether the roman numeral system is important) and have found it ideal for the garden shed as a cheap and easy way of getting lighting all the way out to the bottom of the garden.PV Solar Panels Conditions

The Kit istelf is pretty easy to assemble, so you can handle that yourself, you will need to buy a battery if you don't have one, as usual batteries not included :(.

I found the most complicated bit was getting the crocodile clips to hold the wire firmly, had a few goes at this before suckng it up and reading the instructions.

On the plus side this is small enough to pack away easily, its not much larger in area than a large laptop, and very light, on a camping trip we had this in the van (regular van , not caravan) and it worked a treat, I just wired it up and propped it outside the tent in the gorgeous french sunshine.

It is currently working well in the British (sunshine?!) Weather. I don't tend to put it through very heavy use, but have on found it to be awesome when there is the inevitable "Just grab the wotsit out of the shed" at night situations.

Solar Mate 1 in use in shedSmall Solar Panel Solution

The Solar Mate™ lighting kits are Ideal for providing essential light and electrical power to any outdoor buildings such as sheds, workshops, summer houses, stables, agricultural buildings etc

Ideal for smaller buildings such as the average garden shed, summer house or single stable and will provide light for up to seven hours per 24hour period. Its single 12volt, energy saving bulb is equivalent to a 40watt household light bulb illuminates an area of 16 sq metres.

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