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Solar Mate II - Small to Medium Solar Panel kit

The Solar Mate 2 is basically a larger version of it's little brother the Solar Mate I, It proPV Solar Panels Conditionsvides much the same functionality allowing lighting of a larger area, it does this by providing a larger wattage solar panel to recharge the battery.

This panel can be used to recharge a battery or more than just lighting, in fact anything you can run from a 12v battery can be used with this system, it all depends on the amount of watts your electrical devices draw and how long/ frequently you plan to use them.

If you need a bit more guidance you can use our what solar panels do I need page for reference, we can help you figure out what you want.

Not having a Solar Mate 2 I cant vouch for it as I could for the Version I, but aside from the panel size i expect it's pretty much the same specs. This will result in faster recharge, and therefore the ability for you to draw more power, in this case you can run more than one bulb for several hours a day!

Solar Mate 2 in GarageIdeal Solar Lighting For Garages

Solar Mate lighting kits are a complete solution for generating light in outbuildings, sheds, caravans and workshops.

The kit comprises a high power solar panel which is suitable for UK weather conditions and all the necessary fixings and cables to be up and running. Just add a car or caravan battery to complete the installation and get free electricity from solar power.

Ease of use
A Solar Mate kit is quick and easy to install, requiring no special tools and can be operating within 1 hour.

Power Supplied
Depending on your needs there are a choice of kits! A Solar Mate I can power a lightbulb for up to 7 hours a day, whilst a Solar Mate V can power SIX 8watt fluorecent tubes for up to 8 hours a day

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