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Solar Mate III - Small to Medium Solar Panel kit

The Solar Mate 3 has a 18w solar panel as part of the kit, this allows for more drain from the battery, it can provide more light over a larger area and comes with two 8watt fluPV Solar Panels Conditionsorescent light fittings.

Again install is designed to be easy with all the parts (except the battery) in the kit and simple instructions. Ideal for use on an outbuilding.

I often wonder how easy it would be to switch all the lighting in our house over to a panel system, given the effectiveness of these kits and a nod to being eco friendly. Powering my laptop by solar power would be a bonus as well :)

As with all panels it's really the replacing of used energy that is the trick, if you were running something less frequently (i.e not every day) you may be able to use this panel - Check the info pages for a breakdown of what panels can do what!

If you need a bit more guidance you can use our what can my solar panel power page for reference, we can help you figure out what you want.

Solar mate OutbuildingsIdeal Solar Lighting For Outbuildings

The Solar Mate™ lighting kits are Ideal for providing essential light and electrical power to any outdoor buildings such as sheds, workshops, summer houses, stables, agricultural buildings etc

A complete kit containing all the necessary elements to illuminate two 8watt fluorescent tubes (each equivalent to a 40watt bulb). Ideal for sheds, summer houses, workshops, beach huts, stables and many more applications. When used with a 75Ah or 85Ah battery, the fluorescent lights will operate for up to 8 hours each night.

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